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The Legend of Jim Bowie


And His Search for the Lost Silver Mine in
Menard, Texas


He was the man from Logan County Kentucky... designer of the famous Bowie Knife... infamous land speculator, gambler, and gator wrestler...... and destined to die at the Alamo, fighting for Texas


"He died tall, Rose..... He died tall," the old prospector tells the waitress in the Lone Star Cafe scene of
"A Song of Silver". "His name was Jim Bowie."

Jim Bowie indeed became a legend as big as Texas itself, and in the 1820's came here to the beautiful San Saba River near present day Menard, to look for silver. He was later adopted into the Lipan Apache tribe, and because of his ensuing battle with them over their silver mine, today known as the Lost Bowie Mine, Menard history would be forever changed.

Thus, "A Song of Silver" was born in 1988, a rousing musical written by playwright Patty Miller, set in a breathtaking canyon amphitheater called Silver Ridge. There, every third week-end in June, over 100 actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and technicians re-enact the incredible legend. Netting rave reviews, the musical includes original music, battles, comedy, pathos, weddings, waltzers, gamblers, fire dancers, folklorico dancers, saloon girls, cafe biddies, Indian ceremonies, explosions, massacres, horseback stunts, prospectors, lovers, rainmakers and dreams!

Couple all this with the annual Jim Bowie Days Celebration that same weekend, hosting a plethora of events, such as pony express races, gunfights, dances, storytellers, singers, and lo....

"A Song of Silver" becomes the end-of-day magic for everyone...or as one reviewer wrote,

"the town's real treasure....the mother-lode."

Ticket information available at:

Song of Silver
P.O. Box 1346
Menard, Texas 76859

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The Menard Chamber of Commerce:

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